Can Scalp Massage Stimulate Hair Growth?

What Is Meant by Scalp Massage?

Scalp massage is a procedure that utilizes the fingertips to apply gentle pressure to the head in a circular motion to relax the ends of the nerves, muscles, and also blood vessels. This amusing sensation generates a sense of well-being and comfort. As well as a beneficial impact on mood, this approach is an essential component in therapeutic therapies such as Ayurveda for disorders such as headaches and stress-related issues. Science has also established an interest in scalp massages, particularly their connection to hair growth realizing how scalp massage stimulate hair growth?

Can Scalp Massager for Hair Growth Help?

Stimulate Hair GrowthI hate to be a disappointing news carrier; however, there is no reasonable evidence suggesting scalp massagers will promote hair development (ugh, I know). “While scalp massagers may help improve the supply of blood—which adds more nutrients to every hair follicle. However, all hope isn’t lost, and although scalp massagers don’t grow your hair, they do make the scalp healthier. Although scalp massagers effectively extract product residue and excess oil, they’re another fantastic addition to one’s routine.

What Would A Massage Will Do to the Scalp?

  1. First Off, It’s So Soothing!

Massages are a safe way to calm your mind and body. They as well help to ease distress and tension that are believed to cause hair loss.

  1. May Offer You A Thicker, Bulky Hair

A 24-week analysis of 9 men found that gently massaging the scalp throughout the next few minutes would offer a person thicker hair.

  1. Can Help for Hair Growth

Several reports also show that massaging one’s scalp on a routine or daily basis will decrease hair loss and help to restore your hair. Massages are seen to promote follicles and encourage hair development.

  1. May Help to Minimize Hair Loss Induced by Alopecia

Alopecia is an infectious disorder that causes the hair to fall off in patches, which may often contribute to a complete hair loss of a scalp. Self-reported results indicate that 69% of men and women diagnosed with alopecia could recover their hair with daily scalp massages.


While the study is minimal, the available scientific data suggest that although scalp massages cannot cure hair loss, they promise to stimulate hair development. You can rub your scalp with your fingers or get a scalp massage method. It would be best if you even took a scalp massage from a professional massage therapist. When your hair loss deteriorates, or you experience any signs along with a hair loss, make sure to get yourself checked up by your doctor.