10 Ways to Repair Damaged Bleached Hair

Bleach is also one of the easiest, quickest methods to extract colour from the hairs. And therefore, altering the colour of your hair using bleach doesn’t arrive without price. Bleach is a formidable invader that breaks down the nutrients in your hair and extract colour. When the bleach is washed out, the strands become thinner and far weaker. In this post, some damaged bleached hair treatment methods are provided, and you can easily benefit from them if you are suffering from this problem.

Ways to Repair Damaged Bleached Hair

Following are some ways to repair damaged bleached hair:

Using Avocado

All you have to do is make your special hair mask while blending a ripe avocado with an egg yolk. Then apply to damp hair, rub the scalp for a few minutes, and then leave it for 10 to 15 min. After this, clean your hair or maybe rinse them with some hot water.

Repair Damaged Hair

Try Some Mayonnaise

You have to add a small amount of the cream to damp hair, in the same manner you would use your daily conditioner. Then maybe you should carry a shower cap to keep all the warmth and put this on for fifteen min. Once you rinse it off, you’ll see your hair would feel much smoother as well as look brighter.

Prepare Your Hair for Bleach

Hair that is clean & healthy, to start with, has minimal risk of incurring harm when it is bleached. Prior to attending your colorist, consider nutrient hair treatment such as protein-filled Hair Mask to ensure that the hair is really in tip-top shape.

Massage of Butter

You should add a small amount of butter to the scalp, then start a gentle massage for several minutes. Wrap your hair with a bath towel, and then let the butter settle down for at least thirty min. Take it off and wash your hair, and you’ll see an extra glow.

Sun Protection

Do you understand how ultraviolet rays could harm your skin? They can also harm the hair, especially if you already have bleach ruined hair either heat ruined hair. Make it a practice to add Hair Repairing & Safety Hair lotion to your hair whenever you spend hours in the sunlight.

Peppermint’s Oil

Peppermint oil could really improve the circulation of your skin as well as help to alleviate itching. It also contains anti-inflammatory features that make it a perfect DIY to treat the prickly or irritated scalp.

Banana Treatment

Bananas are beneficial to damaged hair. All you have to do is blend a ripe banana with just a little sugar, castor oil, or some yoghurt (only optional). Stop adding the paste to the roots, then leave it for thirty min. Finally, you may clean your hair using shampoo.

Dump Heat Equipment

Although using a heat protector such as Hair Repairing & Safety Oil reduces certain damage, your safest choice to avoid heat-affected hair would be to abandon heat equipment altogether.


Bleach ruined hair or heat affected hair needs moisture, as well as hair-friendly components, are indeed the perfect way of providing your hair with the nutrients they crave!