Advantages and Disadvantages of Brow Lamination

Brow lamination includes hair perming to give a fuller and more even appearance. It can help maintain the shape after you have washed off any makeup you might be wearing. Eyebrow lamination requires approximately 1 hour to finish. Furthermore, optional add-ons can be suggested.

  • Plucking out hair.
  • Waxing to form the arch.
  • Tinting for modification or alteration.
  • You use a nourishing moisturizer or o some kind of oil each night to avoid dry hair.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Brow Lamination

Following are a few prominent brow lamination pros and cons which you probably did not know before:

Advantages of Brow Lamination

The technique of brow lamination can undoubtedly help to address a lot of problems you may have about your brows, such as:

  • The thinning of hair becomes noticeable with age.
  • You had brow waxing in the past.
  • Undisciplined hairs that are difficult to handle, even with daily brushing.
  • Deficiency of regularity or shape.

Besides, brow lamination makes brows appear bigger and broader. Pulling your hair in some vertical manner can also tend to suggest new growth. The whole procedure is entirely comfortable and pain-free. The outcome will last for almost three weeks to one or two months, implying you can go a month or two without considering your brows.

The method corrects stiff forehead wrinkles by spreading them out. You’ll become capable of retaining the same shape without having regular brushing.

eye area

Disadvantages of Brow Lamination

Indeed, the brow lamination is not as painful as brow operation, tattoos, or other associated procedures; once you schedule your procedure, there are a few adverse effects to remember. The key risks of concern are linked to skin irritation generated by the chemicals. And it includes:

  • Bruising.
  • Rashes.
  • Peels.
  • Tingling.

Any of the adverse effects can occur to both the eyebrows and mainly the eye area. Perming the hairs could contribute to dry skin and harm, while this method can also be harmful to brows. Significant health threats include eye injury. If the toxic chemicals touch the eyes during treatment, this can happen. If you replicate the procedure too much or before six weeks, the risk is more significant.

Thickening your eyebrows isn’t for everyone. Some makeup artists claim that it’s more suitable for specific facial features and that it fits best for individuals who already have lengthy brow hair to start with. The negative aspect of eyebrow lamination seems to be that the end results are only short term. You will have to replicate the procedure every month or two to retain your updated brows.