5 Ways to Use Hair Rollers for Long Waves

Whenever we think of hair roller, our subconscious mind naturally generates images of ladies sitting on the chair, enjoying reading a fashion mag and all their hairs rolled up. So, are they used in parlors and saloons only? No, not. With a significant number of options, it is challenging to know what to use and where to begin to get the desired result. You don’t need to worry- we have got your back.

Common Hair Roller Types

Long WavesThere are three common types of rollers to create long waves, and each one of them comes with its benefits and usage.

  • If you are after length, you should prefer a Velcro roller, and you must use it when the hairs are a bit hot and then leave them to cool down naturally.
  • If your desired choice is an electric roller, you must know that they arrive with a unit that generates heat and then use it on your hair. Be entirely sure that you wear good quality gloves because you don’t want to burn your hand while rolling your hair.
  • Foam rollers should always be utilized on blown hair; in that case, it is still warm and generates a nice curl.

Ways to Use Hair Rollers for Long Waves

  • Once you begin, make sure the hair is not entangled. Based on the kind of roller that you are using, verify that it is sufficiently moist, dry, or in some cases blown out.
  • When the hair is hot enough, then use the Velcro roller, and once the hair is cooled off, the curls will appear and remain in that shape for a significant time.
  • Apply a volumizing substance along as well. Make sure it has cooled before you do. If you’re utilizing softer sticks for damp hair, put the substance in and roll up your hair and then wait until it becomes dry.

Hair Roller Types

  • If you want long waves out of rollers, it’s all about how you twist your hair (as well as the roller’s scale) and how long your hair is. For long waves, produce a “stack wind” by putting a roller over the roller. A ‘brick wind’ can be used for just a swirl when every roller is positioned midway parallel to the previous one. Assume that how the bricks are actually laid and then do the same thing.
  • Just be careful with hair once when you undo the rollers, and you must use a setting gel after you finish your hairstyle to make them long-standing.