10 Tips to Protect Lips from Cold and Dry Winter Weather

The Winter season can be the most challenging time in the whole year, especially for the lips. Now you must wonder why that is and how does it happen. The chilly air, the cold wind, as well as warm air inside all do their part and hence leave your lips all dried up and tight. We all know that lip care rules in winter and context of this following are some tips to protect lips from cold and dry winter weather

10 Tips to Protect Lips from Cold and Dry Winter Weather

Some of the best tips are underneath:

Drink water A lot

It is accepted that we consume very little water, mostly during the winter months. Lack of moisture is the cause behind the skin as well as lips being dry. Drink an average of seven to eight full glasses of water per day.

Apply Lip Butter


To avoid chapping, choose a lip gloss or petroleum jelly to lock in moisture, as well as avoid chapping. Use it regularly. Apply a balm to your skin before sleep, which could also aid skin repair when sleeping; there are balms especially made for overnight use that contain vitamins and aloe vera) (there are balms especially made for overnight use that contain vitamins and aloe vera).

Apply Lipstick

A translucent lipstick protects from the sun, weather protection, and helps avoid chapping. Such lipsticks are pleasant to wear throughout the winter when it’s dreary outside. The trick is to keep applying lipstick if it fades.

Avoid Lip Licking

Many individuals assume licking one’s lips will provide relief from dryness; however, doing so can end up causing dry and cracked lips. As salivary enzymes, as well as microbes, digest foods, they can cause the mouth to get hurt. Once you start doing licking, your lips will get even drier from the amount of moisture lost in the air.

Apply A Balm Containing Ointment

This keeps the surface moist and helps with healing cracks as well as cuts. Search for a balm that incorporates essential oil as well as glycerin, etc.

Please Do Not Bite, Scratch, or Scrub Your Lips When They Are Cracked and Dry

You may want to rid yourself of the rough feeling created by flaking and peeling since it creates discomfort when it doesn’t feel comfortable. It is safer not to clean your lips or pick the peeling skin off with your fingertips rather than using abrasive materials to scrape it. This can make sores and cracks form on your lips and make it even worse.

Winter Weather

A Lip Balm That Does Not Include Methyl Salicylate as Well as Menthol

These substances seem to calm at first, but they eventually dry out the skin and cause the condition to worsen. Whenever the lips get drier and perhaps more irked, you add this same kind of balm, and the same cycle repeats.

Buy A Humidifier

The furnace will usually zap humidity in the air by running. By installing a humidifier, your air can indeed be kept humid and comfortable to breathe. To be sure that your child is healthy, always use a cooling humidifier.

Apply Lip Butter

Applying lip butter tends to maintain the lips hydrated by keeping the moisture, creating a shield to external influences that are cold or snowy, and offering hydration during the day.


Honey is purported to be a natural hydrator and curing agent to cure chapped lips. Combine honey as well as glycerin, then spread on dry lips for quick relief.   Consider leaving it all night and then wake up to fairly pink lips.